Catval Quail Eggs

If you want to make a purchase please email us direct

Since 2012 we have been breeding Japanese Quail for their eggs, we sell the eggs to top Restaurants in New Zealand and also the public of New Zealand.  We pride ourselves on producing the best tasting quail eggs and that can be determined by the intense colour of the yolk.

We are registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand and have been for the last two years.  If you have more than 100 birds then it is imperative that you get registered.  You can not however sell to Restaurants or supermarkets unless you are registered.

  • We courier quail eggs all over New Zealand so if you are interested in purchasing any of our products please send us an email and we can organise your requirements and give you a quote.

Restaurant dish photographs from some restaurants that purchase our quail eggs.

Our quail manure and liquid manure for your garden is well sought after.  Our poor quails cannot produce enough for demand.  Our chillies are grown with it.  The liquid manure is waste water and is produced when the quails take a sip of water and leave their feed off their beaks in the water container.  The quails are fed a very high protein diet and get all the required vitamins and minerals. 

CRAFT SUPPLIES - Alistair Dunn who is intellectually disabled produces craft shapes, gift basket filler, quilling paper for sale for all those people out there who like scrapbooking, card making, giving gift baskets.  Use this website address to visit Alistair's online store to have a look at all Alistair's products - he has over 900 individual items.

Paul Stanton who is also intellectually disabled produces punched shapes also for scrapbooking or card making.  Please visit his online store to have a look at all his 500 items.

From time to time we have fertile eggs available for purchase.  We also have hatch packages available when we have a surplus of chicks.  With that package you get six 3 day old un-sexed chicks, baby feed, layer feed, grit and instruction sheet on how to rear your quails. We can courier your fertile eggs anywhere in New Zealand, we have had great hatch rates on shipped eggs.  We do have a brooder available for hire for a small fee plus a bond which is refundable on return of the setup being in working order.

Quail feed available for purchase - Quail baby mash (feed adlib from birth till 4 weeks), Quail layer feed, Feed enhancer for mixing into either a 10kg or 25kg bag of poultry mash to increase the protein content.  Chinese Button quail baby mash and layer feed. Pheasant baby mash and layer feed.  Partridge baby mash and layer feed.

Other laying birds on our property - Ducks, chickens.  We currently have 8 ducks.  Three of those are Ancona's.  They are on the worldwide critically endangered list.  Our ducks lay delicious eggs and the yolks of both the duck and chicken eggs are bright orange as well.  They free range the property on the daily basis, being locked in their chook house at night so their eggs can be found in the morning.

You will soon be able to get baby hyline chickens.  We will have these available when we modify our water tank to make a brooder for them.  These will be guaranteed females.  Watch this space.

We also grow a large variety of chilli.  This side of the business has been on hold while we have increased our stock of quail to meet the ever increasing demand for our quail eggs.  We are going to have the chilli business up and running hopefully over the coming months.  Our aim is to be selling chilli again in the future.